The Wondrous Light of Lunar Nectar is a biography of Chatral Kunga Pelden (1878–1944) written by Dilgo Khyentse Tashi Paljor.

Khenpo Tsondru's brief biography of his own teacher Pema Tekchok Loden (1879–1955), alias Khenchen Abu Lhagang, tells how he studied under some of the most illustrious masters of his day before serving as abbot for eight years at the famed monastic college of Dzogchen Shri Simha and then retiring to a nearby cave, focusing on meditative practice.

This is a short biographical history of the Mura lineage including previous incarnations culminating in a longer biography of the Third Mura Pema Dechen. Written by Tenzin Lungtog Nyima it clearly describes some of the key moments, activities, teachers and students of the Mura lineage.

These introductory biographies of the successive reincarnations of Tsoknyi Ozer invite us to the land of liberation by establishing their enlightened lifestyles as examples. The text highlights the significance of devotion towards a spiritual master as, for example, the Third Tsokyni lighting his ring finger on fire, offering it as a lamp to fulfil his guru's aspirations. 

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