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The Fifth Lelung Jedrung, Lobzang Trinle (1697–1740) on being recognized as the reincarnation of the Fourth Lelung Jedrung, Gendun Chogyel had his hair cutting ceremony carried out by The Sixth Dalai Lama (1683–1706) in 1702. Later the treasure revealer Choje Lingpa (1681–1720/1722) prophesied that Lelung would be the one to receive and propagate a terma focussed on a peaceful and wrathful form of Avalokiteśvara.  is collected works total some forty-six volumes. In 1740 he passed away at the age of forty-three was posthumously declared to be the protector deity Drakshul Wangpo who is focused on subduing the spirit Dorje Shugden. He left behind his collected works of forty-six volumes.



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