[1] Lha gcig rdo rje skyabs byed, BDRC P2CN4771

[2] Personal Communication – Franz-Karl Ehrhard (2018). Orshö Orang were landed nobility in eastern Kongpo and important benefactors (sbyin bdag) specifically to Choje Lingpa (1682–1720). The transliteration for this textual line is: dpa' bo'i khyu mchog 'or shod o rang gi khyim bdag chen po dpal rgyal gyis.

[3] The term for the female Water Ox is bag med (pramādin). Although it is a rendering of a negative verb of existence— med pa, it is commonly written with a positive verb of existence— yod pa, lending to a rendering of bag yod.

{4} For more information about the life of Lelung Zhepai Dorje see Tom Greensmith” The Fifth Lelung Jedrung, Treasury of Lives.